Re5 and depression

Intended use

The Re5 Neuro Treatment System (NTS) is intended for treatment of Treatment Resistant Major Depressed adult patients (Age >18 years) who have failed to achieve full remission (Sackeim definition).

The Re5 NTS is a CE marked product that holds an EC certificate.

Currently, the Re5 NTS is available at Aalborg Universitetshospital (Klinik Psykiatri Syd), Hillerød Hospital (Psykiatrisk Center Nordsjælland), Odense Universitetshospital (Psykiatrisk Afdeling Odense) and Rigshospitalet (Psykiatrisk Center København).
The Re5 NTS is also available at the private clinic, T-PEMF-Klinikken, based in Frederiksberg, Denmark.
If you are working within the healthcare system and would like to offer the Re5 NTS for your patients, please contact Re5.



It is estimated that between 200.000 and 300.000 Danes are suffering from depression.

In a survey conducted in the Danish population there is a prevalence of patients suffering from depression of approximately 3-4 %. About 30% of the patients who are suffering from depression (major depression) will become resistant for the medical treatment. This is called Resistant Major Depression that is, patients do not respond adequately to appropriate courses of at least two antidepressants. The annual cost of depression for the Danish society in terms of costs associated with treatment and loss of production is about 4.3 billion DKK.

The Re5 NTS product

The Re5 NTS (the product) consists of a pulse-generator and 7 coils which transmits electromagnetic pulses to the brain.

The principle of the Re5 NTS is a special positioning of the coils at the head of the patient.

The coils deliver electric pulses in the brain tissue which mimic electric fields measured in the brain outside neurons following action potential propagations.

The electric pulses activate secretion of growth factors and interleukins from capillaries and neurons that cause angiogenesis and enhanced brain plasticity.

The pulses are so minute that the patient cannot detect any sensation when treated and the only side effect so far reported is occasional and transient nausea that typically disappears after the beginning of the treatment.

In the clinical trials patients have experienced increased tolerance for side effects of antidepressive medications.

No side effects have been reported besides a slight nausea reported by some patients that disappears at the end of treatment.

The treatment of Resistant Major Depression

The treatment with Re5 NTS is based on T-PEMF which is an abbreviation of Transcranial Pulses Electro Magnetic Fields. Re5 NTS stands for Re5 Neuro Treatment System. A treatment with Re5 NTS consists of 30 minutes once daily for 8 weeks (56 days).