Clinical studies


Clinical studies have been conducted using the Re5 pulses for treatment of Resistant Major Depression. In 2010 a double blinded, placebo-controlled study by Martiny et al. (2010) showed significant improvements in patients suffering from Resistant Major Depression after 5 weeks of treatment. Bech et al.(2011) analyzed data from that study and concluded ” Active T-PEMF was found superior to sham T-PEMF within the pharmacopsychometric triangle with a clinically significant effect size. A dose remission study was published in 2014 (Straasø et al., 2014) showing a remission rate of 73% after 8 weeks of home treatment with the Re5 medical device. A follow up study was published (Bech et al., 2015) revealing that amongst the 73% that obtained remission in the study by Straasø et al. (2015), 2 years later 52 % were still in remission. Re5 gained its CE approval in September 2015.

New 2020 T-PEMF publication based on a multicenter 8-week single-arm cohort study concerning Transcranial pulsed electromagnetic fields for treatment-resistant depression using Re5 Neuro Treatment System.
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Other clinical studies with Re5 NTS

Other clinical studies using the Re5 NTS technology are ongoing focusing on other neurological diseases.

New studies

Since the results of various clinical studies have come to public attention, scientists and doctors continuously have contacted Re5 with the request for permission to use Re5's technology and equipment to new clinical studies.

A Double-Blind, Randomised, Sham-Controlled Trial for patient with idiopathic Parkinson Disease has over 4 years in two different courses in the prolonged Trial been carried out and completed in early 2019. The final publications are being prepared.

Other indications with Re5

Re5 previously obtained CE approval for the treatment of patients suffering from osteoarthritis. However, the management team of Re5-ApS decided to prioritize all its resources on the Re5 NTS medical device for the treatment of Resistant Major Depression.

Consequently the treatment of osteoarthritis is not being offered on the Danish market.

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