Below are frequently asked questions and answers about the Re5 NTS equipment and the treatment of Resistant Major Depression.

What is Re5 NTS?

Re5 NTS is an abbreviation of "Re5-Neuro Treatment System". The Re5 NTS system consists of a pulse generator and 7 coils which are attached with Velcro tape and can be placed on the patient’s head. The coils transmit electromagnetic pulses to the brain that in turn induces enhanced brain activity.

The Re5 NTS technology is based on T-PEMF.

What does T-PEMF mean?

T-PEMF is an abbreviation of Transcranial Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields - the process and technique for inducing electric pulses in the brain.

How does Re5 NTS work?

Patients suffering from Resistant Major Depression appear to have low expression of receptors in various cell types in the brain and to secrete fewer activating factors to the brain tissue. The consequence is reduced cellular communications between cells which is often termed “lower brain plasticity”. The electric pulses from the Re5–NTS coils mimic electric activity already present in brain tissue to help to activate nerve cells to secrete important signaling molecules related to growth and activity. Brain stimulation with such electric pulses thus leads to increased brain activity.

How is the Re5 NTS equipment used?

The seven coils are connected to a pulse generator and placed on top of the head of the patient. One treatment lasts 30 minutes and should be repeated daily for 8 weeks. The seven coils weigh approx. 1.1 kg. It is recommended to place your head in a relaxed position during treatment.

How long time does it take before a clinical response can be expected?

According to clinical trials significant improvement was demonstrated in some patients already 1 to 2 weeks after start of the treatment.

Who invented Re5 NTS?

Re5 NTS has been developed by Danish scientists from the University of Copenhagen in co-operation with psychiatrists at the University Hospital in Hillerød, Psychiatric Department at Aarhus Hospital in Risskov and the University Hospital (Rigshospitalet) in Copenhagen.

How long has the research and development of Re5 NTS been going on?

The basic and clinical research along with development and labelling/approval for Re5 NTS has been ongoing for approximately 19 years.

What indication is Re5 NTS approved for and when was it approved?

Re5 received a CE approval from the Danish Medical Products Agency in September 2015, including EFTA countries (Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein). The approved therapeutic indication for Re5 NTS is for patients suffering from Resistant Major Depression and who have failed to achieve full remission (Sackeim definition).

What is Sackeim definition?

Sackeim definition is the following:

“Most patients treated for an episode of unipolar or bipolar major depression are treatment resistant in the sense that the majority do not achieve full remission with the first somatic or psychosocial treatment they receive. Little attention has been given to formalizing criteria for evaluating the nature and extent of treatment resistance, even though determining the adequacy and outcome of prior treatment trials is key in clinical decision making about subsequent treatment. Furthermore, determining the adequacy of prior treatment is essential since substantial evidence indicates that large numbers of depressed patients are undertreated, resulting in prolonged episodes and the appearance of "pseudoresistance." Adequacy of antidepressant treatment trials should be defined in terms of thresholds for the dosage and duration of medication, adherence, and clinical outcome. The Antidepressant Treatment History Form is presented as one method to formalize the evaluation of treatment adequacy and treatment resistance.”

How efficacious is the treatment with Re5 NTS?

The results of the latest published clinical study conducted over 8 weeks, 30 minutes per day, showed a 73% remission rate. See reference 2 below.

Are there any known side effects of the Re5- NTS treatments?

During the clinical trials a few patients reported mild and transient side effects in the beginning of the treatment – for example nausea and headache, which diminished rapidly in subsequent treatments.

Are there other concerns you should be aware of, i.e. contraindications, before starting a Re5 NTS treatment?

Children under the age of 18 and pregnant women. Cancer patients and previous cancer patients still under ongoing medical observation and treatment, patients with pacemaker and metal parts in head, patients with open wounds near the head, patients suffering from epilepsy as well as patients with untreated psychotic symptoms, patients with immune diseases and patients suffering from alcohol and/or drug abuse are not recommended to receive the Re5 NTS treatment.

Re5 NTS has not been tested on the above mentioned patient groups this being the reason for not recommending the treatment. There is no indication that such electric pulses do induce cancer growth.

Is it safe to combine prescription drugs with Re5 NTS treatment?

Yes. The treatment with Re5 NTS is a treatment given in addition to the patient’s current medical treatment - a so-called augmentation therapy.

To whom and where should patients turn to if they are interested in treatment with Re5 NTS?

Patients should contact their own physician who can refer to one of the psychiatric hospitals or private psychiatric clinics who offers treatment with Re5 NTS, contact Re5 or Re5’s distributor. See www.re5.com

At which hospitals and psychiatric clinics will the Re5 NTS treatment be available?

Currently, the Re5 NTS is available at Aalborg Universitetshospital (Klinik Psykiatri Syd), Hillerød Hospital (Psykiatrisk Center Nordsjælland), Odense Universitetshospital (Psykiatrisk Afdeling Odense) and Rigshospitalet (Psykiatrisk Center København).
The Re5 NTS is also available at the private clinic, T-PEMF-Klinikken, based in Frederiksberg, Denmark.
If you are working within the healthcare system and would like to offer the Re5 NTS for your patients, please contact Re5.

How many treatments with Re5 NTS are recommended?

Based on the published clinical trials the standard recommended treatment with Re5 NTS is 30 minutes daily for 8 weeks. For references see below.

How often do you need to repeat the treatment?

A follow up study demonstrated that 52% of the patients who obtained remission after the first treatment period were still symptom free two years later. The group of patients who experienced relapse (48%) were given a repeated course of the Re5 NTS for 8 weeks, and they all obtained a clear remission. See reference 4 below.

Is it possible to purchase the Re5 NTS equipment?

No, the Re5 NTS equipment and treatment can only be obtained through public hospitals or private psychiatric clinics.

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